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Monday, 13 June 2011

Juventus Stadium on its way to completion

The new Juventus FC Stadium
The new Juventus stadium development plan is progressing well and on time: according to sources close to the club, in spite of recent rumors regarding possible delays, the venue located in the Continassa area will be ready for the team's next season presentation scheduled in August.

The new stadium is rapidly taking shape: a multipurpose facility designed to be used full time, an innovative project that includes both a retail space of 34,000 square meters (which includes a commercial centre, a retail shopping centre and a DIY warehouse) and a 30,000 square meters urban park with a green area, cycling tracks, playing and training fields.

Two new significant developments concerning the outer structure and coverage can be noticed by looking at the venue nowadays: the main structure will be wrapped in a micro-network that will allow it, through a system of projections, to assume different colors (white metal during the day and multi-colored at night). Installation of support beams for the stadium coverage is well underway. Currently about 75% of the tiers roofing has been completed even if some parts are still missing in the corners. The coverage, made with a special transparent teflon material, will filter the light inside the stadium: it is a special membrane, with a particular shape studied in a wind tunnel in ordet to ensure the best visibility throughout the day and during night events.

Juventus stadium is also one of the first examples of "environmentally-friendly" venue: all the old concrete from Stadio delle Alpi demolition was in fact separated and reused for the new building. The implmementation of this sustainable construction policy has ensured a global savings of approximately €2.3 million. Some of the underground structures and part of the old stadium tiers were kept and the seating plan was completed by adding two new tier rings which provide 41,000 seats and 60 executive boxes.

Sixteen walkways located around the venue will guarantee safe and secure ingress and egress flows.The total absence of architectural barriers ensures that stadium evacuation, in case of need, can be completed in just four minutes.

Engineering works related with urban redevelopment started during the last two weeks. Tender process for parking spaces development has been completed and construction firms were contracted: the masterplan includes 4 car parks that will ensure 4,000 parking spaces for stadium visitors.
All works regarding sidewalks are well advanced, as well as crossroads, footpaths and roundabouts development. Bike paths connecting Venaria's court and the stadium is almost completed.
Last but not least, all activities related with pitch preparation will begin by the end of March.

Therefore, starting from next season, Juventus supporters will "enjoy the action" in a high-quality, safe and comfortable stadium.

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